101 Guide to Buying a Property as a Newbie 

Post : November 8, 2022

You need professionals' help whether you are buying a property for the first time or planning to go up the ladder in the property market. You have to deal with many complications, tax requirements, legalities, and whatnot. The best way to go about it is to talk to those who are experienced in the field. They have a better understanding and greater knowledge to help you see things clearly. We all know buying a property for the first time is a big deal, so make it count! 

Tax Agent or Financial Adviser 

It's a good thing if you are interested in buying a property. But there are consequences to such decisions. For example, inexperienced individuals tend to purchase properties only after considering their impact on tax positions or savings.

Get help from a licensed tax agent or financial adviser if you have little experience in the property market. It's better to seek advice from both, but at least try talking to one professional before you make a decision.

Talk to a registered tax agent if you are purchasing properties for investment purposes, as some factors will impact your capital gains tax. A professional's input can save you from a lot of trouble. 

Home Loan Specialist or Mortgage Broker 

They say it takes a village, but dealing with the property market takes a team. One of the team members you'll do better with is a mortgage broker or a home loan specialist. A mortgage broker works with lenders and banks to help you find home loans. They do the work on your behalf and suggest products that will work for you in the best way possible. You don't have to pay a mortgage broker fee, but their fees are usually through lenders' and banks' commissions. 

A good broker helps you land a home loan that fits your requirements, goals, and financial situations. Brokers have a way with words and know exactly what to say to make a bank and a lender consider your proposal. They might even have a work history to prove their efficiency, and you can check it if you want.  

Like a good broker, a reliable home loan specialist is another great help. They have expertise in loan features and will help you bag the ideal home loan to secure your home after carefully considering your circumstances and requirements. 

A home loan specialist or mortgage broker becomes the best help when you can't see the situation clearly. Think about it this way. These specialists have dealt with similar situations too many times, so they will probably know to manage your situation as well. This is why relying on them is never a bad choice. 

Buyer's Agent

Doing the leg work consumes a lot of time and effort. Do you have the time and willingness to put effort? If it's a no, a buyer's agent is your call. They will do the leg work by looking for properties, negotiating prices, and bidding. You should talk to the buyer's agent about their fee structure because some may charge a fixed amount while some may not charge much if they don't secure a property that works for you.

Buyer's agents have solid connections and an understanding of the property market, giving you an edge over competitors. But it is especially if your buyer's agent is well-versed, skilled, and experienced in securing profitable properties. 

Real Estate Agent

Yes, they're not your best bet, but they have a lot of information that benefits you. While they work for sellers, they can also help you understand past sales to understand the expected property price. 

They have access to past sales data and are skilled in overviewing the demographics and suburbs. You must be tactical when using a real estate agent's help. Ask them the reason behind a sale so that you can see ways to negotiate the price. For example, if the seller is looking to sell the property as soon as possible, it gives you the advantage of lowering the price. It might or might not work, but trying won't hurt. 

Pest and Building Inspectors 

Don't let the exterior fool you. It's a common thing among new property buyers. They fall for the exterior and overlook what's beneath it. Not every property has issues, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. Properties are refreshed and renovated before a sale, so you might not find visible defects. 

Of course, you can't find a perfect property, but pest and building inspectors help you find major issues that might cost you a fortune in future. They will assure you about property conditions and provide thorough reports by studying them. These reports are useful when making a purchasing decision. For example, if an issue isn't a dealbreaker, you can highlight it to lower the price. Or you can use these reports to renovate the property. 

Conveyancer or Solicitor 

The legal aspect of a property is important, so you need the help of a solicitor or conveyancer. Before you sign the contract, make sure to run it by a legally professional individual to ensure authenticity. 

A conveyancer or solicitor will act in your best interest and make the legal side of the property easy to understand. They will do property background checks, talk to the government departments and council and find zoning, land tax, and other vital property details. 

Legal professionals will help you get a better insight into your mortgage obligation. You can seek help from them if you have any government grants you can claim. They will also be on your side when settling the payments and dealing with ownership transfers. 

You Before Them When Buying a Property 

A team of professionals is at your service to make purchasing a property easy. Although it can be overwhelming when you get so many explanations and guidance, they are necessary to make the right decision. Once you get their help, you will feel more confident and have better clarity to purchase properties. Therefore, when looking for home loans, especially Islamic home loans, you know you can rely on Afiyah Financial Services. Our team is ready to assist you, please book an appointment, and we will get back to you. 


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