5 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Home Builders

Post : April 8, 2022

A reality for many Muslim families entering the housing market is that they are able to build their own homes. With the rapid expansion of estates in many states, it's no surprise that thoughts of building a new home come with that extra gush of excitement and enthusiasm.

But the downside to this is that this excitement can lead to mistakes when choosing a home builder. So, when selecting home builders in Melbourne, here are some mistakes you should avoid.

Selecting Home Builders With Little To No Experiences

Ordinarily, due to Melbourne's rapid rise of accessible lands, you are most likely using a builder for a knockdown rebuild or a house and land package. You have to buy an old or existing home and then knock down such a building to pitch a new one following your preferred home design.

The other option is to settle for a house land package which is common in most housing estates around Melbourne. Knockdown rebuilds usually occur when there is no buyable land in your preferred location, and buying an existing structure is the option available.

Whether through a knockdown rebuild or a house land package, your choice of a vastly experienced home builder in Melbourne is important. The cost of buying an existing home for a rebuild is usually more expensive compared to acquiring land.

Hence to avoid a double knockdown rebuild scenario or lengthy warranty claims, one must avoid home builders with little or no experience. Selecting an inexperienced home builder may look cheap, but consider the cost implication you'll incur if the design of your dream home goes wrong.

Not Requesting For Evidence Of Previous Designs

You may come across several home builders in Melbourne boasting of popularity and high reputation, but you shouldn't always take their word for it. Don't hesitate to request evidence of their previously undertaken jobs.

A home builder that's quick to show you catalogues of various jobs undertaken will come across as a serious one. It's advisable to cross-reference and ask for references from past clients who have built with the builder.

No Research On Record Of Customer Services

Even an award-winning home builder may appear flawless. It doesn't mean they're the right choice because they may tick all your boxes, and you may also award them the project without doing a little research about their attitude to working with previous clients.

This is when you need to find out how responsive and compliant your prospective home builder in Melbourne has been to agreements with previous clients. Good references will be Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews. These reviews are often transparent and honest which will provide behaviour patterns of the builder.

Selecting Home Builders With Poor Communication Skills

It is essential to maintain constant communication with your builder when working on your contract. The lesser you communicate, the higher your chances of not getting your desired home design.

Ensure you ask questions and be sure your home builder understands your wants. It is a red flag if a home builder isn't clear enough in his explanations in the early stages of your relationship. Only employ the services of someone who can address all your probing questions.

Offering Unrealistic Suggestions And Ideas

You'll come across ads of various sorts of home builders in Melbourne claiming to provide you with your preferred home design for a meagre amount per square foot when in fact, no contractor can claim to do an actual project without a detailed floor plan of how they will go about it.

Wrapping Up

If you want to build your dream home, you must select the right home builders in Melbourne. Even for homebuyers in Melbourne, employ the services of the most diligent and reputable home builders before buying your preferred home.

However, one of the best ways to ensure that this process goes smoothly is to seek advice from professionals to ensure that you get your dream home without compromising your belief as an Australian Muslim. Check out Afiyah to get sound guidance on Islamic home loans and budgeting in your quest toward building your dream home.

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