6 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Manage Your Finance

Post : December 5, 2022

Dealing with finance can be detrimental to mental health as well as physical health. According to a study that was done recently, 73% of Americans suffer from financial stress. And also, in Australia, one-third of survey respondents stated they had experienced financial difficulties in the past three months. 16% of the respondents were unable to collect money in an emergency. 

This specifically shows how critical this issue is. If these developed countries experience financial stress on a larger scale like this, one can only imagine the state of the countries under the poverty line. In this article, you will learn some basic but necessary tips that you can utilise to manage financial stress.

You Can’t Control Everything

You should know that, in life, the amount of things we can control is rather low than the ones we can’t control. The world is uncertain, and the economy/financial fields are especially dynamic and hard to predict. Covid-19 was an ideal example of this. Many people got laid off and lost businesses as well. 

In these scenarios, focus solely on the things you can control, and the rest should be left alone. Most importantly, avoid analysis paralysis. Worrying about the things you don’t have control over will not give you any logical solution.

Create A Framework For Your Finance

It is only natural for people to be irrational and act impulsive when stressed. Especially if it is concerned with the finance of your life, this could lead to worrying about the past and the future while doubting every decision you have ever made to improve your finances. 

At the end of the day, you can’t even recall the beginning of the problem or the end due to the downward spiral you have been on all day. Therefore, having a physical or conceptual framework for your financial decisions is better. It is much more logical and reliable in every scenario.

Breakdown Your Goals Into ‘mini’ Goals

Generally, we are used to finding a massive solution for all the stress. Especially for financial stress. That way, we naturally feel relief. However, you must go through many steps to achieve that solution. 

It can be talking to your accountant or going to the bank every Monday. That is why you must first define and break down your final goal into a set of mini-goals where you can clearly see the path and get each step done effectively. This ensures that you are on track because you can clearly see your progress.

Know Where Your Finance Is Directed 

Budgeting is a good practice that many people do in their lives. However, budgeting means something other than cutting back every huge expense unrealistically. For instance, the amount of money you pay for your streaming services or cable always comes as a necessity, though some may argue it is not. 

But it is not realistic or practical to assume that you will not watch TV simply because you want to cut your expenses. And also, you must always be mindful of every small expense you make. Because it all adds up to the end-of-month budget. Therefore, at least list the unnecessary expenses you may find easier to live without. This will make a huge financial difference.

Be Mindful Of Your Stress Responses

When we are stressed, becoming overwhelmed and annoyed is a natural stress response. At the moment, you may feel like this will never go away, that your whole life has become this particular problem. 

While in that state of mind, making decisions or worrying about them is useless. The best thing that you can do is to let it pass. You can simply engage in activities such as going for a walk, talking to a friend or family, or distracting yourself with a positive activity you enjoy. The goal is to clear your mind.

Ask For Advice From Professionals 

Sometimes you may feel like the stress of uncertainty is too much to bear or you need professional advice and guidance on your next move, then getting advice from a professional financial advisor is the best option. 

This way, you get a different and reliable perspective from an outside party. This could mean getting advice on how to get out of the cycle of debt, how to grow your investments and other things such as determining your monthly budget or even getting a home loan. This could save a lot of trouble and stress in your life.


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