9 Smarter Home Devices to Make Life Less-Stressful

Post : February 11, 2022

Nine? Really? Has life been THAT stressful to consider 9 smarter home devices? We'll be discussing the 9 best home devices that can make your life less stressful or — easier. This will help you visualise building or buying your dream home. Trust us; they are effortlessly amazing! 

But why do you need these devices? The more members you add to your small family, the harder it gets — in a good way, but a little bit stressful too. Isn't it? Work, pets, kids, more pets, and more kids, and THIS list isn't easy to handle. 

We've got a list of 9 time-saving best gadgets in the appliance market. The good news is you it's easy to set up, charge up or plug in and get the work done — as SIMPLE as that. 

Robot Floor Cleaners 

Coming home to a vacuumed floor feels like getting more cheese on your pizza without asking for it, right? That's exactly how you'd feel when you have a Robot vacuum from Ecovace and iRobot brands. 

Buy purchasing Robot Floor Cleaners; you can: 

  • Program it to remove debris and dirt from laminated, timbered, and tiled floors.
  • It can be done at any time of the day. 
  • Can manage remotely through an app, smartphone, or voice command. 
  • The dirt disposal system is automatic, so you have no duties there. 
  • It recharges on its own. 
  • Dispenses a good air freshener to the area. 

Just a tap on your smartphone is all you need to do. 

Smart lighting

Have you also made your siblings rush into the room just to make them switch off the lights while you rest on the sofa? You're not alone, and we all have done it. But the worst part is your kids might follow the trend and pull you into their chaos.

End all of this with SMART LIGHTING and breathe stress-freely. Your command is their service, so you just have to say, and it will switch off the lights. 

  • Energy-efficient and links your smart home device. 
  • Control lights in groups or individually. For example, outdoor lights. 
  • It listens to different commands, such as switching off, switching on, dim, or changing mood with different colours. 
  • Pro benefit — Vacation lights and settings when you're in vacation mode
  • Artistically pleasing light panels 

Home assistants

There are many clever gadgets on the market to make your life easier. One such gadget is home assistants. If you have been having a hard time with kids, work, and pets, then home assistants might come in handy. 

You can use them to do the following:

  • Control many smart devices without much effort.
  • Voice command to control lighting, cooling, and heating.
  • Command to stream radio, play music, obtain weather reports, set the alarm, or check who's at the door. 
  • Most home assistants come with quality megapixel cameras, so tracking your face during a call is effortless. 
  • Amazing-sound system so accesses Siri to leave your command. 
  • Intercom feature to connect with people in other rooms.

Best of all, you can use hand movements to command home assistants. For example, if you're cooking and want to go back to playing the previous step, you can use hand commands.

Smart pet devices

Furry friends are scary responsibilities, but not when you have smart pet devices. Even if you are away from home, you can still:

  • Feed them using a pet feeder, which can be accessed remotely using an app on your phone. 
  • Self-cleaning litter boxes reduce half your burden because what's harder than cleaning pet litter? 

Haven't smart devices made life simpler and more fulfilling? 

A smart washing machine

Premium washing machines will remove the laundry day duties from your list. It's way more amazing than you can comprehend because it offers:

  • It automatically asses the load's size and soil level. 
  • Selects the precise amount of detergent. 
  • Decide the wash time. 
  • Auto-dosing feature, so fill up your detergent dispenser once a month or so. 

To top it all, if you are running late, you can use the clever steam feature to remove creases in 20 minutes.  

A Multi-purpose fridge

A fridge is no longer for food storage alone, and there are many more benefits of using high-tech fridges. Some amazing benefits are:

  • Organize family food calendar 
  • Samsung's wifi connection offers interactive screen sessions. 
  • You can see what's in the fridge without having to look inside it, so it saves time, effort, and electricity.
  • Take a look at recipes, leave notes, and every other feature from one spot.
  • Reduces food wastage by sending alerts when the expiry dates of the food are nearing. 

No rush at the shop even if you forgot to check what's inside because interactive screen helps you out. 

Robot lawnmower

Weekends are not for lawnmowers. Or you could say weekends are to watch how your robotic lawnmower does the work for you while you relax. It'll do everything, including:

  • Take the shape you've got on your phone.
  • Read the grass height and recommend the ideal cutting height. 
  • Perfect for any weather condition. 
  • Navigate complex spaces of your garden. 

Smart sprinkler controller

You can sprinkle 16 zones at a time using your smart home device or phone. It's intelligent enough to identify the weather and not spray when it's raining, and voice command is all you need. 

Smart smoke alarm

The next-gen smoke alarm detects carbon monoxide or smoke. 

  • Special sensors identify burning fires and quick-burning instances. 
  • It can check its own battery level.
  • It sends alerts when you need to be cautious. 
  • It'll send alerts to your phone when you're away or signals by changing its ring colour when you're home. 

You don't have to panic if you burn a toast hereafter. Just a tap and the smart smoke alarm will silence the noise. Your new home doesn't need to be boring. Sometimes it's good to let tech do the work and save you time and effort. Afiyah Financial Services can assist you to get into your new home today.

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