Islamic Home: Creating a prayer room inside your home

Post : February 25, 2022

Everyone rekindles the thought of having a prayer room when Ramadan is near. But allocating space in an Islamic home to engage in prayers is quite a challenging task. But it's not impossible to find a quieter place to connect with Allah (SWT). 

Alhamdulillah — The entire earth is yours, so you can never run out of space to worship. If the place is clean, you're good to consider it a place to pray in an Islamic home. 

However, there's something about setting up a unique prayer room for your 5 times prayer. You don't need your own home: 

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Muslims pray 5 times a day facing towards Makkah. Although it's not a rule to have a allocated space to pray, it's a great way to bring families together for the purpose of God. 

Step 1 — Focus on Privacy

Find a secluded space in your home, which is away from distractions, and people. A folding screen might work as a significant element to divide the space and create a wall-like barrier for your prayer room. 

Or you can use unused space in your home, such as the study room, storage room that is clean, or even a quite outdoor space such as a garage etc.

Step 2 — Think about Peace

Everyone strives for Khushu’ (humility). Therefore, the place you pray should be calm and soothing. Add soft lighting or design it in a way to receive natural light. Uncluttered space with pastel colours musters peace and calmness, this allows you to enjoy the place you're in a makes you stay in more. 

So, try to add elements that that fit the purpose. 

Step 3 — Keep it Tidy 

Cleanliness is part of faith, so you can't overlook it especially in an Islamic home. Most Muslims use prayer rugs at home, which ensures cleanliness. They fold it and place it aside after offering prayers. If you want, you can use one so that it's easy to wash and reuse while maintaining cleanliness. Having the rooms own cleaning equipment like broom, dust bin, sprays will ensure you have everything at hand without worrying about uncleaned equipment.

Step 4 — Try organising it 

You can use cabinets, drawers, or aesthetic baskets to keep your prayer rugs or cloak. A console table or bookshelf might work perfectly to keep your Quran and religious books, and tiny bowls might be perfect for storing your prayer beads. It's always good to have an extra for each item, such as a prayer mat. This will ensure that any guests are able to join in prayer without stress.  

Step 5 — Decorate Your Prayer Room 

If you like decorating the space with beautiful things, do it! Small indoor plants, tiny water fountains, fresh flowers, and scented candles might be some of the nicest things to add.  This exercise is great for young children to show their creativity inside their own Islamic Home. 

If you have a spacious area in your home, you can turn it into a place of entertaining and reading (within Islamic guidelines). If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to create a peaceful  

Try using these five steps to create your own space to worship Allah (SWT). We assure you that you'll feel extra special when customising the prayer room. Islamic homes are blessed and clean, it's important that we respect every corner of the home, whether owned or rented. Adding an extra praying room doesn't mean all prayers need to be attended there. The prayer room is a clean and secure spot in the home to remind you of the beauty of Islam and the blessings of family. 

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