Let’s Craft Our Eid in 5 Different Ways

Post : April 27, 2022

The Muslim community celebrates two types of festivals during the Islamic calendar months. The first festival that we welcome is the Eid ul Fitr, and after the splendid month of Ramadan and then marches the festival of Eid ul Adha. That remarks the pilgrimage of Hajj, an overwhelming journey compulsory for every Muslim.

Therefore these two festivals carry traditions throughout the past decades, creating a heartwarming and harmonious situation. So to embrace this blissful day, we have come to you with some tips. It may guide you to prepare yourselves for Eid methodically. 

Here Are The Tips To Make Your Eid Special

1. Purchase Early

On the day of Eid, you cant be rummaging through your wardrobe to find the attire to suit the occasion. Purchase your clothes days ahead of eid. Don't spend your last 10 days of Ramadan doing shopping because you know how precious the days are. Then other preparations can be given more priority.

Moreover, this occasion has a culture of sharing gifts among family and friends. So you can make a list of people you want to give eid gifts to. And the allocated gifts can be bought or ordered online before the special occasion. 

2. Beautify Your Homes 

This event is the most exciting event for the little ones at home. This would be the best time to make them get involved in eid decor. You will be able to use this chance to explain to them the etiquette of eid and why it's so crucial for Muslims. 

Simply this event would be an everlasting rejoicing event to remember. You can also organize a game of creating Eid Mubarak posters and make it even more eventful.

3. Free Yourself (From Official Responsibilities)

It can be difficult for some of you to take off days during eid. But most countries let you enjoy your eid. However, even if you have got holidays, some don't take the maximum use of them and tend to bring work home.

If you have been doing this all while, now is the time to change. Try to free yourself from responsibilities so that you can get the best out of these blessed festivals. Remember, it only comes once a year. 

4. Keep The Ones Overseas In Mind 

Do not forget the ones overseas. Put up a list of names who are overseas. Call them with your heart-warming wishes and make sure you don't miss anyone out. You can do virtual celebrations and show them around your home to show how you're celebrating. 

It's all about joy and happiness on eid. You can make them witness the games and the decorations organized. 

5. Less Appetite

Since your stomach is used to the early consumption of food, keep your starters of the day low during the morning hours. Then you may not feel nauseous and would be able to consume during the latter part of the day. 

It's vital to keep your appetite in check once Ramadan is over because most have the habit of overeating and feeling sick during the day. 

That said, Team Afiyah wishes you a joyful Eid!

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