Tax Deductions, Do They Really Help?

Post : November 28, 2022

Do you ever think you are paying too much tax and wish to reduce it? We all love tax deductions, right? and in this case, many available opportunities offer tax deductions. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of the fact that there is a myth when it comes to tax deductions.

The opportunities available, offering tax deductions as benefits, can be for the better or for, the worse. Tax deductions are often mistakenly used as a prime reason for all financial decisions. This can be for various financial decisions such as investing, personal insurance, vehicle lease, donation or any other expense. 

As a business owner, you may get excited about deductions, but there are so many things you need to know about them to become successful. 

What is a Tax Deduction?

As the word goes, the deduction is an expense you can subtract. A tax deduction is what you subtract from your taxable income to reduce the tax you owe. As deductions lower your taxes, it is indeed a good thing. They help you save hundreds and thousands of dollars off your tax bill. 

Most people need to learn the kinds of tax deductions available or even how to claim them. If you are not thorough on this, it could mean that even without your knowledge, you are leaving a good amount of money back in the hands of the ATO. One of the most common tax deductions is charitable donations.

How does Deduction work?

While considering tax deductions, people often only have business expenses in mind. Still, tax deductions can also be claimed on your taxes, which will help reduce your personal taxable income.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is in charge of administering and collecting taxes. You can claim tax deductions when filling out a tax return in two ways. You must pick one from a standard deduction or itemize your deductions.

Standard deduction

The standard deduction is an easy option and is the amount that the IRS sets each year. It is more like an automatic tax-freebie. If you choose the standard deduction option, your taxable income will be automatically reduced by the amount set based on how you file, like single or married filing jointly or separately. 

There will be no need to go through bank statements or receipts to find deductions, as the standard deduction will lower the amount of tax you will have to pay. 

Itemising your deductions

This can take more work as you must list all the deductions you want to claim and fill out a Schedule A form with the tax return. To back up your claims, you must save your records. Even though it can be a hassle, itemizing your deductions is worth more effort than standard deductions as it helps lower your taxable income with enough deductions. 

During the tax filing season, all taxpayers must decide whether to claim the standard deduction or itemise their deductions. Businesses qualify for a wide range of tax deductions, one of the most common being corporate state and local tax deductions. 

The amount of tax you can save depends on the tax benefit you choose to claim. 

Benefits of Deductions

The number of benefits associated with tax deductions is:

  • Claiming an income tax deduction reduces the amount of your taxable income.
  • You can save and invest money in many other areas with reduced taxable income.

A thing to keep in mind

You only get a portion when you get tax back through the tax return, and this is because you have already spent the money. You need to find every loophole to get your tax back if you are going to spend the money. 

However, if you are yet to spend the money on investments, vehicle leases or donations, you need to stop and think if it is for all the right reasons. 

Do tax deductions really help? 

A tax deduction will help make an investment much more affordable, but at the same time, you would lose if your investment fails to perform. Most people have often fallen into the trap of using tax deductions as an excuse for their purchases. This kind of thought can lead you to make decisions based on false presumptions.

Such a mindset can also put you in great trouble as you start believing that your finances are under control. Getting a tax deduction sounds nice, but the deductible expense should be justified from the perspective of a business operation. 

The money you have to spend will be limited if your business is in the startup phase, so it is important to remain cautious of your purchases. Just because something is deductible, you do not have to purchase it if you really don't want it. Being deductible does not in any way justify such purchases. 


In simple terms, the tax deduction is an expense subtracted from your income to help reduce the amount of money you will have to pay in tax. Any financial decision that involves getting a tax deduction through spending should be made with considerable thought. 

We hope this guide helped to clear the most common question that has been running in your mind for a long time - did tax deductions really help?' Paying tax is mandatory and cannot be avoided, but with proper planning, your taxable income can be reduced to an extent. 

However, one thing to remember is to avoid using tax deductions as an excuse for all your purchases. You need to ask yourself if you are really benefiting from tax deductions. If you find yourself in a state of confusion, do not hesitate to seek help from a professional. Similarly, when you are in need of Islamic home loans and have issues understanding them, you can get in touch with us. 


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