Top 10 Home Loan Tips For Australians 

Post : December 17, 2022

Affording your dream home can remain a dream if you do not take the necessary steps towards making it a reality. 

The housing and real estate market have been quite expensive. They can cost even more if you are planning to buy one in a suburban area, but many options can assist you in buying your dream home. Buying a home gives you a place to live and adds value to your life and financial wealth as it doubles up as an investment. 

Owning a house also allows you to claim loans by functioning as collateral. You can always sell your house for more than what you paid for it anytime in the future. In this article, you will learn about the top 10 home loan tips that will help you to buy your own home.

Keep your credit history clean

Home loans are generally quite expensive and have a long tenure of repayment, and that is why home loans are only offered to people with a relatively good credit history. Before applying for a home loan, clean up any bad credit as much as possible. The bank can easily decline your home loan application if you have a poor history of financial management. 

Making repayments can gradually keep you out of financial trouble and improve your credit rating. Mortgage brokers may get a credit report to determine whether your credit history is good or bad. Going for a home loan with a healthy credit rating and with less or no debt has a better chance for you to get a home loan approval. 

Understand the market

If you want to make a purchase, then it is important to understand the particular market. Try to get an idea of all that's happening in the current market by looking around for the prices of properties depending on their sizes and locations. 

Property reports can often show data that is 3 months old. So instead of just looking at properties that are up for sale, see properties that have been sold in the recent date order. 

Look for a mortgage broker

Mortgage brokers can provide you with a wide range of home loan options. So it is wise to talk to a mortgage broker before going directly to the bank that will offer only a few different options for lending. You will simply have more choices when you talk to a mortgage broker. 

Limit your expenses

Keep in mind that if your living expenses are high, it will not go well with your home loan application. For a successful home loan application, you need to show three months of bank statements with controlled expenses. Make sure to cut down on all the unnecessary expenses before you apply for a home loan. 

Necessary funds for a deposit

Before you apply for a home loan, you must have the necessary funds for a deposit. In Australia, the average deposit for a home loan is 20 per cent of the home purchase price. Plan your finances and start saving for a deposit before the home loan application.  

Financial documents

You must provide certain documents when you take a home loan. Among the paperwork would be bank account statements and salary slips. The documents required would vary between lenders. 

Check with the lender about the documents they require by visiting the lender's website or calling them directly to get the list of the documents you will have to submit for your home loan application process. Make sure to prepare your financial documents in advance so you do not have to rush at the last minute. 

Choose the right type of home loan

There are different types of home loans offered by various lenders, and each type of home loan benefits the borrower. A wise move would be to compare bank loans among the many offered by the lenders and choose the right one that suits your needs best. 

The cost of obtaining a home loan can vary between lenders. When selecting a home loan, you must consider costs such as the application fees, home loan processing fees, technical valuation charges and other similar expenses before the application process. 

Compare different loan offers associated with borrowing. Since a home loan is a long-term debt that you take, for peace of mind, pick the right loan provider who fulfils your financial needs.

Stay in touch with your lender

The lender may require additional information after you submit your home loan application. On such occasions providing the lender with quick responses will help to process the loan rapidly. Staying in touch with the lender will help to build trust and get help when needed throughout the loan tenure. 

Understand the terms and conditions

Before signing the documents, make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of the home loan. You must know exactly what you are signing up for, so contact the lender if you need assistance understanding the terms and conditions. 

Use your calculated strategy 

You need to think through your strategy in buying a property before you apply for a home loan. Do you plan to sell the property after renovating it? Is it a long or short-term hold? Considering these plans early in the loan process will most likely change your choices regarding the home loan and result in helping you make the right decision. 


It is possible to be frustrated about years of rental payments, and now is the time to finally move to own your dream home. If you are ready with a proper plan, you must consider following the top 10 home loan tips mentioned in this guide to move on the property ladder. 


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