Reinvesting — In The Year 2022

Post : February 18, 2022

In today's current market it is becoming easier to get into the property market if you have enough capital saved up for your deposit. With many government incentives, a positive growth outlook for the economy and low rental rates initiate a tremendous opportunity to capture the market in any state in Australia

According to the cliche, "rent money is dead money" unless you're gaining profit. This motive invokes all Australians to earn their own residence. What about renting and owning property all at once also made sense? We evaluate the pros and cons of ‘Reinvesting’ in today's market.

Reinvesting — In The Year 2022

Reinvesting is when a proprietor owns one or multiple investment properties. Still, rather than to live in one, they decide to rent another property to live in as their principal place. As per the ABS, 340,000+  Aussies take this path.      

In a situation when you're willing to buy, various clients have a similar question: would you prefer a location that is affordable or one closer to work with an appreciative lifestyle? 

Why would you consider Rent-investing?

  • Whether it's because of good schools, close-by family, cafes or work, you may choose other reasons to live in a place you prefer. 
  • You might not have enough deposit saved to live in the area you want. Rather than waiting, you might consider getting into the market earlier and buying in a more affordable suburb.
  • Lifestage: Many people who like to purchase in a further out suburb to raise their children, however, because of their current life stage, they may need to live closer to the city. Rather than having to purchase two properties, or purchase in a location closer to the city,  they may opt to rent there. and lock in a home somewhere else.
  • The rent you receive can cover the ownership cost. Therefore, as the investment property gains profit the proprietor can spend on home rental expenses.       

Are You Ready? 

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