Your Dream House But In Islamic Housing Style

Post : May 5, 2022

Even though life isn't always kind to you, there are many things you dream of. One such thing is building your dream house. If you plan to build your dream house, you need to know a few things. 

First off, as a Muslim, building a dream house isn't only about the home that you're planning on. Second, it's important to know how you should do it in the Islamic style. You don't need to consider it, but it'll be good for you if you do. Also, there are other amazing options like Islamic Home Loans to make your dreams easier. 

You will not have regrets once you have the housing plan in place. So shall we talk about it in-depth?  

A Few Interesting Suggestions For You

Almost all the suggestions given below will be featured in most Muslim houses. Many designs can be incorporated as proposed into your dream houses. According to the expenses, the renovations would cost more than expected. But there are housing loans to help you out. 

  • Generally, most Muslim houses are considered the family development unit. So it's obvious why houses are built spaciously. It can be considered as being in a comfort zone. Also, as per their beliefs, such space would help them avoid sins and other behaviours that might impact their faith. We also can use it for a better purpose, such as for educational needs.     
  • A view from the entrance should not be given quick access to the domestic area. The exterior towards the interior or vice-versa should have an entrance towards the waiting room instead. To avoid outsiders barging in without permission, you can design a wall in the interior facing the entrance. 
  • You should be able to compromise the ventilation intake as per the dimensions of the housing scheme. The usage of apertures and windows are highly concerned according to the location of the residence. 
  • In other words, you should examine the safety in a more populated neighbourhood. Initial suggestions to be considered are a suitable amount of apertures, trimmed sizes, decorative ones, placement not at the eye level (above), and avoiding using transparent glass ( for both visibility and decorative purpose).
  • These residences should facilitate a privacy policy even within the premises. At the very least, parents should use another room apart from the children. In contrast, children would be separated as per gender. 
  • The rest of the locations could be as common with a couple of restrooms as possible. As mentioned earlier, the entrance should be opened to the waiting room and a restroom. If the occupants cannot afford such a scheme, they can schedule a call with us to discuss Islamic housing loans
  • The residence's interior should prohibit intermingling between opposite genders among visitors (more than one family resided). Therefore, according to the given accommodation, always set the housing features ( allocating another part, usage of partition, etc.) 
  • Muslim countries hire helpers for their household purposes. Yet the Muslim community has to undergo a certain implication regarding the privacy between occupants and the helper. 
  • Most female workers hired ( for a stay) are advised to be given space away from the home occupants ( kept semi-autonomous from the life of the household). The most illegible solution is to allocate their own premises closer to their working areas (kitchen's rear, backyard, etc.) 
  • Following the sunnah (footsteps) of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), we should architect the sleeping rooms so the occupants direct themselves toward the qibla in Makkah. A person should stretch his feet opposite while their head faces the qiblah. It does not count as a sin but as a recommendation. 
  • Also, these rooms should not have inevitable distractions (including entertaining elements) to make a person lazy and sleepy but encourage them to fulfil the Islamic ritual (perform prayers on time). 
  • Moreover, the restrooms are spacious and comfortable enough with plenty of water consumption. The importance of water reveals that the Prophet Muhammad (phub) included Abdullah bin Abbas (Rali) in his duas for bringing water for the Prophet. This helps them to maintain hygiene. 
  • All resources turn out to be a blessing from the almighty. Therefore, food consumption can not be taken for granted. Every Muslim kitchenette should be moderate and practice ethics to avoid wastage, over-consumption, etc. 
  • A location should be featured for the place ( separate room not a must) of worship (musalla) to perform the five daily prayers, recite or study the Quran, remembrance of Allah (dhikr). To perform this, it could be an individual or a collective effort. 
  • So it should consist of a prayer mat, supplication posters, copies of the Quran, and religious text. Even the home occupants would learn the Islamic teachings without discomfort and bring it as an act of their daily routine.

The Aspect of Mental Health In Islamic Housing Style

In the industrial world today, many people undergo mental health problems. A home might be the right cure for such needs. The Muslim architect seems to bring a positive vibe to such a policy. Their doorsteps open up towards nature. 

According to psychology, nature heals mentally and emotionally too, supporting child development, socio-economic interactions, etc.

As humanity stands powerfully under the principle of Islam, most Muslim houses would fear the Almighty to harm their respective neighbours. It should never hold pride, guide their privacy and neighbours, neglect discrimination, etc. 

A Muslim residence should also be concerned about older people and disabled individuals. Their rights should be respected.

We know it's a long list, but what matters is that you will get the best out of these. If you are interested, you can check out Afiyah Financial Services, and we'll help you build your dream house.

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