Building Wealth and Giving Back to the Community

Uniting Faith, Finance, and Philanthropy—Every Loan Contributes to a Greater Cause

Our Mission in Philanthropy

Good health and freedom from pain and suffering—the very definition of Afiyah. Our mission goes beyond empowering you financially; it extends to enriching the community you belong to. With every loan processed, a portion of our revenue goes back into various community initiatives.

By choosing Afiyah, you're not just making a sound financial decision—you're also contributing to a cycle of giving. Your loan helps us provide necessary funding for educational, healthcare, and other community projects.

Strategic Giving: A Win-Win

We practice strategic giving by focusing on voluntary giving that leverages our core competencies. This strategy allows us to achieve a dual impact—empowering communities while also adding value to our business. It's a win-win scenario, resulting in both social benefit and improved business outcomes.

How We Give

Main Types of Philanthropic Engagement

Community Grants

We support local initiatives that resonate with our values, offering financial contributions to projects that make a difference.

Corporate Foundations

Afiyah is exploring the establishment of a foundation to manage and further our philanthropic efforts.

Corporate Sponsoring

We sponsor events, projects, and programs that have a positive social impact and align with Islamic principles.

Gift Matching

We encourage our employees to be charitable by matching their donations to causes close to their hearts.

A Sustainable Future for All

We are a partner in your life journey. By entrusting us with your financial needs, you are also contributing to a mission that aspires to create a more equitable, compassionate, and sustainable future for all.