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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Afiyah ensure the absence of Riba in its financial solutions?

Afiyah strictly adheres to Islamic financial principles by facilitating rent-to-own Ijarah contracts. These contracts allow for the acquisition of property through a leasing agreement with the option of ownership transfer once rental payments are completed, thereby avoiding Riba and ensuring compliance with Sharia law.

What is the difference between Afiyah’s home financing products and a conventional bank home loan?

The primary difference is the underlying financial arrangement. Conventional bank loans are based on interest-bearing money lending. In contrast, Afiyah offers Shariah-compliant home financing through an Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek arrangement. This rent-to-own structure ensures that upon the completion of the agreed instalments, the client gains full ownership of the property. These Islamic financing products comply with Australia's National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) regulations.

Who oversees the Sharia compliance of Afiyah’s financial solutions?

The integrity of Afiyah’s Sharia-compliant financial solutions is rigorously upheld. Our adherence to Islamic financial laws is strictly monitored, providing our clients with the assurance of our unwavering commitment to Sharia compliance.

Is it possible for the rental rate in an Ijarah contract to be variable?

As per the Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) Sharia Standard No. (9), an Ijarah contract can feature a variable rental rate that is determined in relation to a benchmark such as a Reference Rate. This provides adaptability in the financial agreements facilitated by Afiyah.

Are the financial contracts certified by a Sharia board?

Afiyah ensures that all the financial products we broker are scrutinized and certified by a recognised Sharia board, guaranteeing compliance with international Sharia standards.

What documents will I need to provide to initiate an Ijarah contract?

Individuals may need to provide personal identification, proof of employment, financial statements, and tax documentation. Businesses might be required to submit company financial records, bank statements, evidence of tax compliance, and GST registration details.

Learn more about Islamic Finance

If you’re uncertain on whether Islamic finance is the right choice for you and your family, we encourage you to read through our resources. Written by our team of experts, you’ll get a walkthrough of the principles of faith based finance and be equipped with all the essentials to grow your personal finance knowledge.

Learn to live and borrow righteously, with Afiyah.

Naaziem Gaffoor
Naaziem Gaffoor
Extremely professional. Good communication.
Sam R
Sam R
Aamir is one of the nicest people to deal with, highly recommend working with him.
Sameer Mohd
Sameer Mohd
Thank you for all your assistance!
Riaz Baseer
Riaz Baseer
I used Afiyah for my home loan and they were really easy to deal with. I highly recommend them for your loans.
Fareed Uddin
Fareed Uddin
I'm grateful to Aamir for his excellent support in buying our new home. His professional approach and quick response in securing our home loan made a usually stressful process quite manageable.