Islamic Home Loan: Worry-free Financing

Discover worry-free Islamic Home Loans for your dream home. Afiyah offers Islamic financing solutions, turning your homeownership dreams into reality. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a personalised approach that makes home buying easier for you.

Why Afiyah Home Financing?

We turn your homeownership dreams into reality with our easy financing options.

We understand that taking out a loan can be a stressful process, which is why we offer a personalised approach to help make things easier for you.

How Can Islamic Home Finance Help You?

Research shows that one in three Australian Muslims choose to keep significant cash savings at home instead of taking out a mortgage due to the lack of permissible financing options.

Since conventional financial products and services are most likely exposed to a lot of interest income, it creates a conflict with Islamic finance beliefs. This puts extra pressure on Muslims looking to purchase their first home as they are left with few options.

How We Can Help You

No more having to deal with interest-based mortgages that conflict with your faith.

Afiyah's Sharia-compliant Islamic Home Loan solution allows you to buy your new home with an easy payment plan that brings you peace of mind.

We make obtaining a home loan straightforward, so you can focus on what matters most to you and your family.

We Simplify The Home-Buying Process For You

Whether you're a first-time home buyer or experienced investor, we will help you obtain an Islamic loan and guide you every step of the way.

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How Does Islamic Home Loans Work

Through a process called "Ijara Muntahia-bi-tamleek", a bank purchases the home of your dreams and then leases it to you. You pay rent and benefit from the option to buy the home over time. It's as easy as that through an Islamic Home Loan.

Steps to Getting Islamic Home Financing


Find your new home and come to an agreement on the price with the seller.


Let us know the purchase price. This allows us to evaluate the property's value and your ability to repay.


We line up the most competitive Islamic mortgage options. We help you zero in on the most suitable choice for your home purchase.


You are appointed as the bank's agent to purchase the home. You agree to pay rent and buy our share of the property over time.


You make scheduled payments throughout the loan period until you have completely paid off the property.


Through our funding partner, we confirm that you hold full land title rights. This makes you the sole beneficiary of any movement in the property’s value (not the funder).


After you finish making all the payments to the funder, they release their mortgage on the property and it becomes fully yours.


Congratulations! You now own your dream home!

Key Things To Remember

Every instalment you make has two components: a rental amount, and a payment that goes towards buying the bank's ownership of the property.

You only pay rent on the portion of the property that you do not own.

As you own more of the property, your rental payments will decrease. This leaves you with greater disposable income while your equity ownership in your home (and overall wealth) increases.

Buying your new dream home has never been easier. It all starts with a click.