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May 25, 2024

Superannuation and Retirement Planning in Australia

Superannuation is a pivotal element of retirement planning in Australia, designed to provide financial security for retirees. This compulsory scheme mandates that employers contribute a portion of their employees' earnings into superannuation accounts, fostering a culture of savings and investment that benefits individuals and the broader economy. Despite its strengths, the superannuation system faces several […]

May 24, 2024

Islamic and Behavioral Economics Guidance on Home Buying

Purchasing a home is one of the most significant decisions we make in our lives, involving not only financial considerations but also deep emotional and cognitive involvements. Drawing from the behavioural insights in Daniel Kahneman's Thinking, Fast and Slow, and deeply rooted Islamic teachings, this blog post offers a personalised exploration of how to navigate […]

May 17, 2024

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Home Buying: An Islamic Perspective

Purchasing a home is more than just a financial transaction; it's an emotional journey filled with highs and lows. From the excitement of finding the perfect property to the disappointment of losing out on a bid, each step tests our patience, resilience, and faith. In Islam, this journey is seen as an opportunity for personal […]

March 22, 2024

Islamic Bank Australia: A Vision Interrupted

In March 2024, Islamic Bank Australia made a significant decision that reverberated through the financial industry by choosing to relinquish its restricted banking licence to APRA. This move underscored the intricate challenges of raising sufficient capital within the current economic climate. Islamic Bank Australia: A Vision Interrupted In a surprising turn of events that has […]

March 6, 2024

Embracing Islamic Finance in Australia: A Path to Ethical Home Ownership

In the heart of Australia, a financial revolution is quietly unfolding, offering a beacon of hope and inclusivity for those seeking to align their financial decisions with their ethical and religious values. Islamic finance in Australia is not just a niche market; it's a growing sector that presents a viable, interest-free alternative to conventional banking, […]

January 19, 2024

The Role of Sharia in Guiding Islamic Finance Practices

Introduction Islamic finance, a unique financial system that operates in compliance with the principles of Sharia, or Islamic law, has significantly marked its presence in the global finance arena. This article aims to explore how Sharia principles intricately guide Islamic financial practices, differentiating them from their conventional counterparts and highlighting their relevance in today's economic […]

January 17, 2024

Islamic Schools in Melbourne: Nurturing Education and Community Engagement

In the bustling city of Melbourne, known for its diverse cultural tapestry, Islamic schools have transcended their traditional roles. No longer just centers for academic learning, these institutions have morphed into vibrant hubs for community engagement, offering a plethora of services that benefit not just students but also their families and the broader community. The […]

January 2, 2024

Understanding Ijara Muntahia-bi-tamleek in Australia: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to Ijarah Finance Ijarah, a term deeply rooted in Islamic jurisprudence, translates to 'leasing' in the conventional financial world. In Australia, a multicultural and economically diverse nation, Ijarah Finance is emerging as an ethical and viable alternative to traditional leasing methods. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify Ijarah, elucidate its principles, and explore its […]

December 17, 2023

Navigating Property Equity

In the Australian financial landscape, the strategic use of property equity stands as a pivotal approach to wealth augmentation. At Afiyah Islamic Finance, we are attuned to the nuances and potential of this strategy within the framework of Islamic finance. This blog delves into the use of property equity for investment, enriched with the principles […]

October 4, 2023

Unlocking the Power of Offset Accounts in Islamic Home Loans

In the journey to homeownership, financial acumen plays a vital role in determining how smoothly you can navigate the labyrinth of loan repayments. Among the financial tools that can potentially speed up this journey, and save you money, is offset accounts in Islamic Home loans. But what exactly is an offset account? How does it […]

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