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May 17, 2024

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Home Buying: An Islamic Perspective

Purchasing a home is more than just a financial transaction; it's an emotional journey filled with highs and lows. From the excitement of finding the perfect property to the disappointment of losing out on a bid, each step tests our patience, resilience, and faith. In Islam, this journey is seen as an opportunity for personal […]

January 17, 2024

Islamic Schools in Melbourne: Nurturing Education and Community Engagement

In the bustling city of Melbourne, known for its diverse cultural tapestry, Islamic schools have transcended their traditional roles. No longer just centers for academic learning, these institutions have morphed into vibrant hubs for community engagement, offering a plethora of services that benefit not just students but also their families and the broader community. The […]

July 10, 2023

Why You Should Buy Your Next Home Near Melbourne's Islamic Schools

Choosing a new home is no small feat, especially when considering the multitude of factors that influence your decision. For Muslim parents in Melbourne, a significant consideration should be the proximity to one of the city's highly-regarded Islamic schools. This choice isn't solely about convenience; it aligns perfectly with several key principles of the Islamic […]

June 25, 2023

Islamic Financial System and Sharia

The Islamic financial system refers to the framework and practices of finance that are under Islamic law, known as Sharia. It is based on principles derived from the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).  Islamic financial institutions offer a range of products and services that comply with these principles. Some common Islamic financial […]

January 31, 2023

Tips To Lead A Debt-Free Life

Want to lead a debt-free life? Well, debt is a common burden that affects many individuals and families, but the good news is it can be managed and even avoided. Understanding the difference between good and bad debt and implementing effective debt management strategies makes it possible to achieve the dream of a debt-free life. […]

April 27, 2022

Let’s Craft Our Eid in 5 Different Ways

The Muslim community celebrates two types of festivals during the Islamic calendar months. The first festival that we welcome is the Eid ul Fitr, and after the splendid month of Ramadan and then marches the festival of Eid ul Adha. That remarks the pilgrimage of Hajj, an overwhelming journey compulsory for every Muslim. Therefore these […]

March 4, 2022

Etiquettes of moving into a new house for Muslims

So you’ve made the leap into your new home and you took the extra step to get an Islamic Home Loan. Insha Allah, may all of us be able to move into our own house at some point in our lives with the help of Allah the Almighty.  If you are on the lookout to […]

February 25, 2022

Islamic Home: Creating a prayer room inside your home

Everyone rekindles the thought of having a prayer room when Ramadan is near. But allocating space in an Islamic home to engage in prayers is quite a challenging task. But it's not impossible to find a quieter place to connect with Allah (SWT).  Alhamdulillah — The entire earth is yours, so you can never run […]

February 20, 2022

Ramadan 2022: Popular Questions About Ramadan The Islamic Holy Month

Ramadan is the Islamic holy month during which the Muslims observe their fast.    Although most of us are familiar with the term" Ramadan" and "Fasting”. There is quite a bit to unpack and many people may have specific questions and curiosity about what this special month and how Muslims conduct it.    What exactly is Ramadan […]

February 18, 2022

Reinvesting — In The Year 2022

In today's current market it is becoming easier to get into the property market if you have enough capital saved up for your deposit. With many government incentives, a positive growth outlook for the economy and low rental rates initiate a tremendous opportunity to capture the market in any state in Australia According to the […]