Discover Ijarah Finance

Discover the power of Ijarah finance and how it can help you achieve your dreams of homeownership in Australia. Learn about the benefits, process, and eligibility requirements of Ijarah financing, empowering you to make an informed choice for your home purchase.

Key Things to Know About Ijarah Finance

What is Ijarah Finance?

Ijarah financing is a type of Islamic mortgage. It is a way to finance the purchase of a property using an Islamic loan. Ijarah financing adheres to the principles of Islamic Finance, which are derived from the Quran and Hadith.

How Does Ijarah Finance Work?

At the heart of Islamic Finance is the sharing of risk and the avoidance of interest and uncertainty. Within this ecosystem, Ijarah financing works by the bank owning the property and then leasing it to the borrower. The borrower makes monthly payments to the bank.

Our Ijarah Finance contract details a clear payment plan. Each payment is split into two parts: a rental component, and a portion dedicated to acquiring the funders stake in the property.


We collaborate with various institutions offering Sharia-compliant Ijarah financing. Our role is to guide you to the best solutions for home loan purchases or refinancing, construction financing, and investment financing.


Abiding by AAOIFI standards, it is the prerogative of the financial institution to create a policy document safeguarding the rights of all agreement parties.


Our partners utilise the Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek (Lease to Own) model, a contract form that aligns with Shariah principles. The financier acquires property on your behalf and subsequently leases it back to you. As the client, you make regular rental payments with the aim of eventually assuming legal ownership once all payments have been fulfilled. During the lease period, you enjoy full rights and usage of the property throughout the “ijarah” or “rental” term.

The Benefits of Ijarah Finance For Businesses and Individiuals

There are clear benefits of Ijarah finance for businesses and consumers. Foremost among them is that Ijarah financing lets them finance the purchase of a property without having to pay riba or interest. It is an Islamic alternative to conventional mortgages, which are based on illegal interest.


Ijarah financing is often used to finance the purchase of a home, but borrowers can also use it to fund other types of property, such as commercial real estate.


This makes it easier for faith-based investors to access halal financing that allows them to grow their real estate portfolio.

How to get the most out of Ijarah Finance?

There are a few things to keep in mind when using Ijarah financing to buy a property:

  • Ijarah financing is a long-term investment. It is crucial to consider the long-term costs of the loan.

  • It is a way to finance the purchase of a property without taking on debt. Hence, it is essential to ensure that the property is affordable and that the monthly payments are manageable.

  • It is an Islamic alternative to conventional mortgages. So just like with traditional finance, it is vital to compare the terms of the loan before choosing a lender.

  • It is a way to buy property without having to pay interest, so it is key to shop around for the best loan deal.

Want to know if Ijarah Finance is for you?

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